Bouffant scrub cap

Modified Sewing Instructions For
Boufant Style Cap to use with “Whale Watcher” Patern Pieces
(with elastic back)

Back of Cap:
Prepare casing at back/botom end of cap (the squared of area) either by using bias tape (for cut without the extension) or folding botom edge up ¼ inch then again ¾ inch to make a fabric self-casing (for pieces cut with extension) then stitch close to folded edge.

Cut a piece of ½ inch wide elastic 5 inches long. Insert and move to the oposite end of the casing, stitch in place. Move fabric along elastic until you can stitch the end you started with.

Fold cap up at back, right sides together. Pin seams on left and right sides, making sure the rounded edge of the cap extends ¼ inch beyond the edge with elastic. Sew seams with overcast stitch or serge.

Front of cap:
Fold headband WRONG sides together and baste along curved edge.

Pin front center of band to front center of cap. Pin ends of band to cap at back seams.

Form pleats around the curved edge of the cap by pinching fabric and laying to the side, until all the excess cap fabric lays flat against the band where pined.

Keep raw edges even; pin; sew ¼ inch seam with overcast stitch or serger. Top-stitch seam allowance toward the cap side of seam (seam facing away from headband)

Ad buttons on each side of the headband, approximately 6 inches down from top center, to hold a mask in place.